Little Red Riding (no)Hood – keeping the winter wolves at bay

To be fair, we’ve had a fairly mild, albeit dull and damp, winter here in the UK, but just when we start heading towards Easter and see a few daffs waving about, when we start thinking about shoving our winter coats into the loft and leaving the house in 2 layers instead of 4 (this is England!), we have a typically British, last-minute cold snap!

So, here I am, still in winter coats, gloves and boots!  Absolutely fed up with coats now, so had a rummage in the back of the wardrobe and resurrected this old one, which I’ve had for quite a few years and more or less forgotten about.  It had a detachable faux fur collar which I have dumped as I have enough ‘faux fur’ going on with my barnet and I always think synthetic fur can begin to look a bit ratty after a few wears anyway.

I like this shape for petites and even though I have often read that petites should avoid double breasted styles and go for a sleeker single button look, I think it can work if you get the fit right.  The double row of buttons here is offset by the fact that the waist nips in and then balanced again by the flaring.  Being so small, I have to be careful with this type of coat or I can end up resembling a 7 year old.  The key is a short length and teaming it with quite ‘adult’ boots.  If this coat came in around knee length on me and I put on a pair of low heeled shoes, well … that’s when people sIMG_0276tartIMG_0281 fussing around and trying to do my buttons up!

The button detailing is quite eye-catching and is continued on the back but I am going to replace them with black fabric ones at some point as I’m not sure I really like the current ones.  I am a big fan of changing buttons and slightly altering things as itis a cheap and easy way to give many items of clothing a whole new lease of life.

The coat is Next petite from a few years ago but I have seen a few similar styles in petite ranges lately.  Similar here: Via spiga skater coat.  The gloves are M&S (their small fit actually fits small hands!) Boots by Dune, similar here and leggings from Mint Velvet.  Handbag from Radley, similar here.


The big black cat hiding behind my legs is from Cats Protection.  He only ever wears a tux.



Note: This post was originally published on 8th March 2016, but the post date, sadly along with reader comments, was lost in the move from Blogger to WordPress.

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