5 Ways to wear a biker jacket when you’re on the interesting side of 50

I love biker jackets but I’ve never worn one, never owned one and with my teenagers now chucking them over the newel post, it’s easy to think that, for me, the biker jacket boat has sailed. I had a real yearning for one though – they look so good on everyone else and, as they are usually cropped and quite fitted, they are a flattering choice for petites.  So I thought ‘what the hell, I’ll give it a try’, and have found that it’s perfectly possible to style this in an age appropriate way.

I decided against black, simply because I don’t want to look as though I am trying to copy my kids and their friends.  I think when they’re in their 40s and dressing in neutrals, I’ll be in my 80s and then it will be time for the black leather job, complete with studs and fringes – such fun growing up!  Anyway, back to my more sober 50s and, steering clear of the ripped jeans and leather mini skirt combinations for now, I have taken the plunge.  My choice has been the Vicenza cream leather biker jacket by Sportmax Code, which I pounced on in their sale! I should have bought one years ago and will never look back.  It has now sold out, but similar style here.

I have only had this jacket for a few weeks and I am already discovering just how versatile it is, lending itself to so many occasions.

Here are my favourite 5:




Jacket – Vicenza by Sportmax Code, shirt – M&S (old), skirt – Next petite (old), shoes – Head over Heels HofF, bag – Radley



  1. Office Smart

Team with a black pencil skirt and smart shirt for an upbeat alternative to a formal suit. This skirt is probably a tad short on me now and I would probably go for something a couple of inches longer, but still ensuring it hits just on or above the knee.

High heels for me, of course, but this outfit would work just as well for those taller than me (most of the adult world!) with lower heeled pumps, especially a mid height block heel.  A fitted shift dress or smart trousers would look equally professional.
Grab a nice handbag and off you go!



















Jacket – as 1 above, shirt – H&M, jeans – Mango elektra, sandals – Linea (HofF), bag – Radley Keats Grove



2. Lunch with friends

Just right for a casual day time look, especially now the weather is warming up a bit (it is, it is I tell you!)  Co-ordinate with white jeans and sandals and the effect is laid back but still smart. A fitted t-shirt would look nice too, especially in a pastel shade.

If it’s still chilly, I would swap the sandals for a pair of tan or dark brown ankle boots.























Jacket – as 1 above Dress – (old) Bird Bruton Street by Juicy Couture (similar here), shoes (old) – New Look, bag – New Look





3. Date Night


All dressed up with somewhere to go? Why not give a little edge to your evening outfit?

So many petite bloggers can work a wrap or a shawl with style but I always feel swamped in fabric when I attempt it. Bolero jackets and lace shrugs are a good option for petites but frankly, I am a bit bored of them. Swinging a leather jacket over an evening dress just gives it a bit of va va voom and creates a totally new look.

I would prefer blue shoes here or perhaps nude courts but I don’t have any!  Good excuse to go shopping!
The nifty envelope clutch bag is on loan from my lovely daughter!


















Jacket – as 1 above, Dress – H&M (old) Sandals -hand me downs from my air hostess cousin, so probably from US



4. Afternoon Tea with the girls

Maybe not for the faint-hearted, but if you fancy a change from the usual delicate cardigan and pretty dress marriage, why not rock the Teashop in leather and floral!

Afternoon tea is gaining in popularity and it is such a wonderful way to spend time with friends and a fun excuse to put on your posh frock.  The trouble with tea dresses on petites is the feeling of looking like a little girl and, to add to the problem, this type of dress traditionally tends to be slightly longer ending below the knee or mid calf, which is a tricky look when you have short legs.  So, my cunning plan is to direct attention upwards by wearing this jacket cape-fashion in place of a forgettable cardigan!  Do you think it works?  I wore it anyway!

I love this look, but do check ahead regarding dress codes if you are visiting one of the more traditional hotels for your afternoon tea.


Jacket – as 1 above, jeans – Mint Velvet, boots – Dune, long sleeved t-shirt (hidden under jacket) – F&F Tesco


5. The School Run

If you are still doing the school run, do it in style!  The good thing about having older kids is you don’t arrive at the school gates covered in baby sick and wearing odd shoes (yes, I have done this!)   I always thought the mums who turned up in make up and co-ordinating clothes lived in a parallel universe.

A few years down the line and I manage to put together something a little less embarrassing.  It didn’t necessitate a parallel universe as it happens, just a bit of organisation, better time management (stop laughing OH) and getting rid of anything scruffy, bobbly, stained, faded and ill-fitting, things with missing buttons, seams coming apart and hems falling down. Once you have banished all the tat, even on your worst days, when the alarm doesn’t go off, there’s been a power cut and you have to get dressed in the dark in 3 minutes flat, you can still turn up looking like a catwalk model. Well, in theory …

Anyway, wear a leather biker jacket with denims and biker boots and you will always be the cool mum.

















Note: This post was originally published on 25th March 2016, but the post date, sadly along with reader comments, was lost in the move from Blogger to WordPress.

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