Comfy jeans – yes, they exist

My husband never wears jeans.  He doesn’t even own a pair, he says they are too uncomfortable.  I, on the other hand, dress in jeans every single day.For the purposes of a fashion blog, I can see that I am going to have to consider putting on a dress or skirt at some point!  I remember back in the 1980s when my friends and I first starting wearing Levi 501s and Wrangler jeans and aspired to own a pair of Gloria Vanderbilts!  My memory is of pretty unforgiving solid denim and, of course, you had to lay down on the bed to do up the zip as skin tight was the style of the day, so it wasn’t the most comfortable item in your wardrobe.  Maybe my husband is scarred by the 1980s jeans wearing experience!

I’m not sure about men’s jeans, but women these days have such a dizzying range of options when it comes to leg wear,  it can be quite a challenge to trawl through all the styles, colours and fabric choices.  Nevertheless, in the 21st century we finally have jeans that not only fit well and you can still get your hands/keys/coins in the pockets (you can tell I’m old as I do expect the pockets to be useful and act as, you know, actual pockets) but, drum roll … you can even sit down in them!

As a petite, I find mid rise sits well, just slightly above the hips but not as high as the waist.  It can be difficult to find a decent length, though with skinny and straight leg jeans it is fairly easy to take them up and in the case of skinnies just tucking up the hem works a treat.  I refuse to believe all the fashion bloggers that are heralding a new dawn for flares and boot cut – all that material flapping about is not a good look on little legs – and they are such a pain to shorten.

The most comfortable pair of jeans in my wardrobe by far is a pair of Mint Velvet jeans with 23% Lyocell. They are lovely and soft but still feel like ‘proper’ denim, if that makes sense!  I bought them last summer and can’t remember the style name but I see from their website that they currently have a pair called Joliet with 32% Lyocell and Seattle with 43% Lyocell and they are both definitely going on my wish list.

As if that isn’t wonderful enough, those good folks at Mint Velvet have the decency to supply a short length option (still too long for me, but not by the usual foot and so much easier to hike up a bit!)  Anyway, I’m wearing them today with a Hobbs jumper and a bargain (third of the price!) Armani Jeans blazer from their Autumn sale for an informal but important meeting.

Note: This post was originally published on 3rd March 2016, but the post date, sadly along with reader comments, was lost in the move from Blogger to WordPress.

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