The Red Shoe Hunt

I am on the hunt for strappy red sandals for summer (assuming we get one!) and I am having a struggle.

In the height department I am a veritable tiddler, but when it comes to shoes I generally have less of a problem with fit as I do take a UK standard size 3, which luckily for me is about the starting size for women’s shoes and I don’t have to hunt out expensive specialists or ransack the kids department.

Having said that, petites do have to be careful when it comes to style and this is where my problem lies.  The current fashion seems to be ankle straps, ankle straps and yet more ankle straps!  This look is a disaster when you are desperately trying to make your miniature legs go further!  I adore ankle straps, I really do and I have seen some absolutely gorgeous shoes but I know they just will not do me any favours.  Fine with trousers or jeans but with a skirt or dress they just cut my leg off at the ankle and I really don’t need that.  There are many myths and rules for petites and I have mentioned before how I think many of them are hokum but this is one I stand by.  I think it is possible to get away with them if you have ultra slim legs but, certainly for me, with a slightly more, ahem, shapely calf, they are a non starter.  The trouble is they are everywhere.

Here are just some of the red sandals I currently love but will have to pass on:


I like …

wave barely there 3 strap sandal – Misguided





I love (and in the sale in my size! sob!) …

red shoes 2

Madam two part strappy high heel sandal – Dune





I adore …

karen millen red

Karen Millen cuff sandal







Swoon! (not that I can afford them) …

Chloe shoe

Chloe laser-cut suede sandals


But those pesky ankle straps mean I will just have to walk on by in my ankle strap-free shoes, leaving all this beautiful footwear to the long legged lovelies and carry on with my search.  I will not be defeated, however, and will return victorious, red suited and booted from my red shoe hunt.

If anyone spots anything suitable in the meantime, I would very much appreciate a tip-off!


Note: This post was originally published on 31st March 2016, but the post date, sadly along with reader comments, was lost in the move from Blogger to WordPress.

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