Can you wear a denim jacket when you’re over 50?


Well, obviously you can put one on, but can you wear it?

I have only recently started blogging about fashion and am getting the feeling that I have come in at a very special time for the more mature blogger.  I detect the beginnings of a style revolution with regard to fashion for those of us no longer in our first few decades and we seemIMG_0859 to be entering a very exciting time!

The good news for me is that, rather than catching the end of the main event as I fully expected, I am delighted to find that what I’ve actually arrived at is the ‘after-party’ and we all know that that’s where all the fun starts – better still it’s only just warming up!

I honestly thought I would be one of the oldest fashion bloggers on the block and worried that I would be seen as a bit ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ for want of of a better phrase (there has to be a better phrase!) but I couldn’t have been more surprised.  I am overwhelmed by the number of fabulous, stylish women, well into their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond (Iris Apfel, for instance and then all the jaw-dropping sass featured on blogs like Dorrie Jacobson’s Senior Style Bible) route marching across the fashion plains. Far from being the mature fashionista I was hoping to be at 53, I feel more like the baby in the nursery!  So much to learn, aspire to and so much inspiration, I hardly know where to start but I do know it’s going to be a delightful journey!

And that brings me to the above question. A few years ago it might have seemed like a valid one, a real concern about whether or not I looked age appropriate or couldn’t accept my advancinIMG_0998g years, but now, in 2016, it sounds like a ridiculous thing to ask. You can wear anything at any age, the previous boundaries have been blurred as far as fashion goes, so I suppose the real question is: Do I, personally, feel comfortable wearing a denim jacket? Frankly, given all of the above, if I don’t feel able to wear a denim jacket at 53, I am on the wrong blog bus and I may as well get off at the next stop and go and start blogging about accelerated depreciation.  I looked up accelerated depreciation and it sounded boring and complicated, so I ordered a denim jacket instead.

Unlike the biker jacket in a previous post, I have owned (and worn) denim jackets before, albeit in the dim and distant past.  I got rid of my last denim jacket around … mumble, mumble … years ago, but fuelled by a touch of nostalgia and a genuine love of the things, I am looking forward to giving this little jacket a run for it’s money.

This one is an M&S petites, which I normally find good for sizing, though I was a little nervous ordering it as a couple of reviewers were complaining about the arms being too long.  Well, either M&S have listened up and rectified this or I have more orangutan in my DNA than the average petite, as it fitted me perfectly!  You can see in some of tIMG_1005he pictures that I have turned the cuffs back but that was not really because I needed to, more because I like the look.  The length is good, just on top of the hips, so not too cropped for my liking, but not turning into a denim tunic on me either.  It’s a lovely neat jacket, not too dark in colour, yet not too washed out looking.



I’ve teamed it here with a little H&M shirt.  This one is from about two summers ago, but they nearly always have a similar selection of fitted shirts which are just right for petites.  In the first picture I wore last year’s Dune sandals, but then it wasn’t as warm outside as it looked so I changed into boots again to leave the house.  These are quite old, very comfortable black ankle boots from Clarks. The jeans are very easy to wear, stretch Oasis Jade – the front pockets are false, so you get the jeans look without the bulk – back pockets are fully functioning!

As it’s been around for a long time, the denim jacket has proved itself to be an enduring wardrobe staple and I think that’s why I love it so much, it’s never given up!



Note: This post was originally published on 13th April 2016, but the post date, sadly along with reader comments, was lost in the move from Blogger to WordPress.




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