A perfectly petite spring blazer

We have sunshine, we have blue skies, we have blossom and bloom, we even have wasps
(yes, I’ve had to tackle two Zeppelin sized horrors in my bathroom today!), but we do not have heat.   I’m thoroughly bored of waiting for warmer weather, so like many bloggers in the northern hemisphere, I am now going to dress for spring anyway and hopefully it will take the hint and make a proper appearance instead of all this cat and mouse tomfoolery!

One of my favourite spring items is this little ponte blazer with white piping trim from Yumi.  It looks almost red in the top picture but it is a more delicate coral and its proportions are perfect on petites.  Very smart, it clearly makes me think I am on guard duty!  As I have previously pointed out, I am no model, but despite the standing to attention pose, you get a good idea of the fit and that is the main point. I reviewed it fully in my very first blog post back in January. It didn’t even occur to me back then to show myself actually wearing it – I fully intended to run the entir


just add a sentry box!

e blog with pictures of outfits on hangers and descriptions underneath!  The idea of putting myself in front of the camera was absolutely out of the question – the thought really did horrify me.  It soon became apparent to me though, after visiting many other people’s fashion blogs, that it might well be a necessity.  Apart from anything else, the main thrust of my blog centres on the problems of fit for people under average height and, given that I am extremely short, even by petite standards, it seems necessary to actually demonstrate the actual fit on the actual person with the problem!  It’s all very well saying that something fits properly but a picture does the job a lot better. Always being the smallest and endlessly teased through school and, to a certain extent, adulthood, takes its toll on your confidence and so it’s not easy to upload photos of yourself on to a public space, but I think, having done it a few times now, that it has actually helped my confidence and I am getting used to doing it.  Other bloggers have been very supportive and it is probably the case that, whilst on the surface my fellow fashion bloggers seem to me to be brimming with self assurance, many started with the same feeling of trepidation as me and we will all probably continue to feel a little nervous as we, effectively, put ourselves in a vulnerable position on a regular basis. I would say, however, that starting a blog is a good way to overcome a lot of the self doubt surrounding ourselves and is a way, for me at any rate, of saying, you know what, I may be really small but I’m here, I’m doing it and I’m good enough!

Anyway, I’m digressing – back to the jacket! There is also a navy version and that was my instinctive choice but all my jackets have been black or navy variations, so once again, as with the denim and biker jackets, I persuaded myself to opt for what I would previously have thought of as too young for me, the brighter version.  It is quite a striking colour and so I automatically paired it with white, but it would go beautifully with other summer colours like mint green or aqua.


Typically, I haven’t even got to wearing it yet and I see that it has just been reduced in the sale!  I love it nonetheless and will be putting it to work from today.  It’s now off the hanger and shown here with a pair of Mango white jeans, a cute little top from Jane Norman and Vince Camuto snakeskin heels, which I can’t seem to find on-line anymore, so I presume they have sold out.  Animal prints seem to be very current, so there are plenty of alternatives – some even come with a sensible heel!

Blazer: Yumi

Jeans: Mango

Top: Jane Norman

Shoes: similar here from Zara


Note: This post was originally published on 19th April 2016, but the post date, sadly along with reader comments, was lost in the move from Blogger to WordPress.


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