about me


There were more than a few raised eyebrows and wrinkled noses when I announced that I might start a fashion blog.  To be fair, my doubters have a point. What business does a short, middle aged housewife from a dull UK suburb with absolutely no connection to the fashion world (unless you count the fact that she actually wears clothes!) have to think that she can start blogging about style? Well, I had a think and did a bit of ‘research’ and then, being a pragmatic type, I got out my pencil and a bit of paper as I am quite partial to ‘writing a list’.  It seemed like a good idea to draw up one of those for/against type analyses and this is what I came up with:


Reasons for me not to write a fashion blog

I am 53

I am 4′ 10″

I am ‘curvy’

I have comedy hair

I am not photogenic

I do not own a decent camera

I do not own any fancy photographic equipment

I have no idea how to compose a picture

I don’t have a photographer husband/partner

I have no experience in styling

I have no experience in fashion or retail

I have very limited ability to apply make up

I don’t live in California/New York/Paris

I am not a journalist

I am not a professional anything

I am not an award winning anything

I don’t really have the time

I am too disorganised

I have no fashion industry contacts

I am not very computer savvy

I have no editing skills

I will be just another little blog in an ocean of style blogs


Reasons for me to start a fashion blog

I want to

Well, I like a challenge …

Welcome to my blog